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I guess that depends on who you compare it to. For the most part people are not all that green savvy. If you are deeply involved in environmentally sound practices then you ranked high, if not then you are part of the general population. Don't feel bad. You are here because you are interested and trying to make an effort. Three cheers for you!! If you want to get more involved then we have programs that are fun, educational and give you the opportunity to have an impact.

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You can check your email for links to the results of the survey you took.

You may also update your answers and see what others have said. The bottom line is you chose to take part which speaks to a desire to help make a change that is long overdue.

Many of the things you can do start right at home and you can start today doing things like practicing water conservation. You can get involved in recycling.

The cost of putting in solar power has dramatically dropped and you can use it to heat water or power appliances. If you live in a rural area you may be able to put up a wind generator which is one of the most reliable means of alternative energy available on the market.

Whatever state you live in probably has legislation either in place or being ratified that will allow you to use alternative energy and sell the excess back to the utility companies. There are currently twenty-eight states that make it mandatory for the utility companies to purchase this power from you and the technology and efficiency of these systems has greatly improved in recent years, making the energy you produce more competitively priced with more traditional means such as coal and hydro-electricity.

If you would like to take a poll on what you feel the best form of alternative energy is then we would love to have your input. TAKE THE POLL NOW.

Getting involved is the most effective way to learn and feel good about your involvement. Join us in our efforts to protect the planet and clean up the world for future generations.

Learn about more ways to practice environmentally sound conservation by getting involved or just by reading this page.

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